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    Web Hosting
    Unlimited addon & sub Domains
    cPanel & Domain Management Tools
    Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email Addresses
    Unlimited FTP & Databases

Web Hosting

Web hosting packages usually includes few resources for the prospects at the beginners’ stage but at DoneHost many resources offered on these packages too.


$2.95/ First term
$5.95/ Recurring
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 5GB Storage
  • NO addon Domains
  • No Anonymous FTP
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$3.95/ First term
$8.95/ Recurring
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 10GB Storage
  • 5 addon Domains
  • No Anonymous FTP
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$6.95/ First term
$11.95/ Recurring
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 15GB Storage
  • 10 addon Domains
  • No Anonymous FTP
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$10.95/ First term
$15.95/ Recurring
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited addon Domains
  • Anonymous FTP
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Our plans Included

  • cPanel

    cPanel web access available for all DoneHost web hosting accounts.

    Unlimited Bandwidth

    Unlimited Bandwidth available for all DoneHost fair usage customers.

  • Unlimited Addon & Sub Domains

    Unlimited Addon and Sub-domains allows you to create many sub instances of your website.

    Unlimited Databases

    Unlimited number of Databases available allowing you to create and host many Applications.

  • Unlimited FTP Accounts

    Unlimited number of FTP accounts can be created and managed using cPanel to target a specific directory in your website.

    Unlimited Email Accounts

    Unlimited number of Emails accounts, Alias, Mailing lists, Autoresponders and Forwarders can be created and managed using cPanel.

  • Spam Assassin

    Apache SpamAssassin can be highly customized to suit different scenarios to prevent Spam.

    Shared SSL

    Your Sensitive data transmitted securely using encrypted connection with DoneHost shared certificate.

  • Directory Protection

    Use cPanel to create Password Protected Directories to improve website security

    Daily backups

    Your data is safe with Full Daily backup and weekly offsite backup of Files, Emails, Databases and Configuration files.

whyDoneHost ?

  • It's Fast.

    Fast servers with high performace clutered network nodes and very fast multiple cores processors.

    It's Well Protected.

    DoneHost maintain Perfectly secured servers with high protective systems.

    Professional Portal

    We have a very good customer portal to manage your Domains and Packages.

  • Easy Payment

    We offer many simple and secure payment methods for easy payment and renewals .

    Special Offers

    We offer professional Hosting services with exclusive pricing.

    Expert Support

    We make your life easy with 24x7x365 expert support.

Our main Features

We do the best to provide professional services for our valued customers.

  • Fast load time

    Very fast multiple cores processors, Huge amount of RAM and High performace clustered network nodes.

    Included Apps

    Many ready to install apps and website building tools included in cPanel.

    Domain Manager

    Use our domain manager to manage and protect your domains by enabling AutoRenew feature.

    Great Support

    Use our portal to submit a support ticket to get help, our team available for you in 24x7x365.

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